Applying of STEM topic in Electronics Practice course using project-based learning method

The trend of educational innovation from a content approach to a competency approach raises the need to innovate teaching methods. For new innovation, learners need guidance and supports in practical...

Author: Vũ Thu Thị Ngọc, Phu Hiếu Thi Ngoc

Keyword: project-based learning STEM content approach competency approach educational innovation


Building B-learning support materials for teaching Physics with environmental protection education

This article presents the results of research on building learning materials in accordance with the requirements to be achieved of the thematic “Physics with Environmental Protection Education (PEPE)”...

Author: HAI TUONG DUY, Thúy Tran Thanh, Anh Chu Ngoc, Chi Pham Khanh

Keyword: Learning materials B-learning Physics environmental protection education


Some measures to improve the teaching quality of the project-based “CAD in engineering” for automotive engineering students at Vinh University

In the integration and development trend of education in general and university training in particular, continuous innovation of teaching methods is crucial for achieving optimal effectiveness....

Author: Minh Luong Ngoc

Keyword: CAD in engineering project-based learning improving teaching quality.


Building physic educational stories to support teaching thematic “Gravitational field

The research aims to build learning materials to support capacity development teaching for high school students in the thematic “Gravitational field” in Physics 11, following the orientation of The...

Author: HAI TUONG DUY, Anh Tu Phuong, Dương Tran Anh, Diem Quynh Vu Thi

Keyword: Gravitational field physics educational comics Physics 11


Designing learning outcomes and assessment toolkits for the Introduction to Pedagogy course in the teacher training program at Vinh University

Training and assessment according to the learning outcomes (LO) is an inevitable trend in improving the quality of teaching and learning in undergraduate education. The Introduction to Pedagogy course...

Author: Thanh Nguyen Thi Trang, Duc Hoang Tang

Keyword: Assessment toolkit introduction to pedagogy course; coure learning outcomes (CLO) teacher training.

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