Influence of spontaneously generated coherence and related phase on an all-optical switching in a three-level ladder-type system with incoherent pumping

This paper investigates the impact of spontaneously generated coherence (SGC) and relative phase on the propagation of a probe laser pulse in the presence of an incoherent pump field. It was...

Author: Hoang Dong Minh, Nguyen Bang Huy, Le Doai Van, Luong Nga Yen Thi, Nguyen Hien Thi Thu

Keyword: all-optical switching EIT medium quantum interference three-level ladder system


A simple design of broadband cross-polarization converter for the THz frequency range

A broadband and lightweight polarization converter is proposed for applications in the THz frequency region. The proposed design has a metasurface structure with the dielectric layer modified to a...

Author: Minh Nguyen Thi, Lam Phan Huu, Quang Nguyen Hong, Nghia Cao Thanh, Minh Luong Ngoc, Kim Thu Nguyen Thi, Minh Tam Nguyen Thi, Huyen Thuong Ho Thi, Lam Vu Dinh, Quynh Hoa Nguyen Thi

Keyword: Metasurfaces broadband cross polarization converter THz frequency lightweight


Regular activities of adult Ptyas mucosa (Linnaeus, 1758) in a farming conditions of Nghe An province, Viet Nam

In the feeding condition in Cua Lo Town, Nghe An province, Viet Nam, adult Ptyas mucosa (P. mucosa) operates seasonally and day and night with the rule: The active season is from March to December and...

Author: Ong Vinh An, Dang Huy Huynh, Hoang Xuan Quang

Keyword: Cua Lo Town Vietnam Ptyas mucosa.


A mean convergence theorem for triangular arrays of rowwise and pairwise mn -dependent random variables

This paper establishes a mean convergence theorem for triangular arrays of rowwise and pairwise mn-dependent random variables. Some authors studied limit theorems for sequences of pairwise m-dependent...

Author: Thanh Le Van, Pham Nhu Y

Keyword: Convergence in mean Pairwise mn-dependence Uniform integrability in the Cesàro sense Triangular array of random variables.


Researching and developing a smart lock system applying artificial intelligence

This paper focuses on researching and developing a smart security lock system using artificial intelligence, specifically facial recognition technology combined with the Internet of Things (IoT) to...

Author: Hien Tran Thi, Hang Dao Thi, Phi Pham Van

Keyword: Artificial Intelligence Face Recognition Raspberry Pi Smart Lock Internet of Things


Biomass production of algae Nannochloropsis oculata at large scale in Quynh Luu Distric, Nghe An Province

The research was conducted to complete technological protocol of biomass production of algae Nannochloropsis oculata with both culture methods in plastic bags and photo-bioreactor systems. The results...

Author: Thiet Chu Chi, Thuy Nguyen Thi Le, Anh Tran Thi Ngoc, Cuong Ho Viet, Dung Pham My, Thanh Nguyen Thi

Keyword: Nannochloropsis sp aquatic food functional foods


Designing an automatic beverage mixing system based on the Internet of Things

This paper focuses on the research and development of an automated beverage mixing system. By applying modern Internet of Things (IoT) technology and information technology, the system incorporates...

Author: Phuong Hoang Thi

Keyword: Beverage making machine beverage mixing sensors smart robot Internet of Things


Studying the drug use characteristics and commenting on the results of cerebral infarction treatment at Nghe An General Friendship Hospital Stroke Center in 2023

With the desire to fully understand the use of drugs in the treatment of ischemic stroke to improve treatment effectiveness as well as safety for patients, the article presents the results of research...

Author: Soa Đặng Thị, Hằng Nguyen Thu, Thuy Vu Thi

Keyword: Ischemic stroke cerebrovascular accident thrombolytic therapy.


Evaluation of the growth, yield and quality of Rehmannia glutinosa (DH19) in the midland and mountainous region of Nothern Vietnam

The study aimed to determine the growth performance and plant adaptation of R. glutinosa (DH19) to the selected plantation locations in Vietnam's Northern Midland and Mountainous regions. The...

Author: Loan Pham Thanh, Thu Hoang Thi Le

Keyword: Rehmannia glutinosa (DH19) growth yield quality


Antimicrobio activity of esential oils from leaf of Syzygium tsoongii (Merr.) Merr. & Perry, Syzygium bullockii (hance) Merr. & Perry and Syzygium zeylanicum (L.) dc. in Ha Tinh Province

Research on antimicrobial activity of essential oils from leaf of Syzygium tsoongii, Syzygium bullockii and Syzygium zeylanicum in Ha Tinh Province showed that essential oils from leaves of three...

Author: Khanh Tran Hau

Keyword: Antimicrobial activity; Ha Tinh; Syzygium bullockii; Syzygium tsoongii; Syzygium zeylanicum

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