Solutions for managing pedagogical capacity training activities for primary school teachers to meet the 2018 General Education Program

To well realize the goal of innovation and improving the quality of education in primary schools, it is necessary to foster and develop teachers' capacity, especially pedagogical capacity. Pedagogical...

Author: Dung Nguyen Tri

Keyword: Training activities pedagogical capacity 2018 General Education Program primary school teachers


Applying of STEM topic in Electronics Practice course using project-based learning method

The trend of educational innovation from a content approach to a competency approach raises the need to innovate teaching methods. For new innovation, learners need guidance and supports in practical...

Author: Vũ Thu Thị Ngọc, Phu Hiếu Thi Ngoc

Keyword: project-based learning STEM content approach competency approach educational innovation


Administrators and teachers’ perception about positive discipline education for high school students

In the context of fundamental and comprehensive reform of education and training, in addition to innovating teaching content and teaching methods, changing moral education of students through positive...

Author: Huynh Minh Ngoc

Keyword: Positive discipline positive discipline education educational innovation high school student


Teaching “Organization method of shaping activities for preschool children” according to the CDIO approach

In the context of Vietnamese education constantly innovating and receiving the advantages of the world's modern education, CDIO approach in teaching plays an important role, contributing to providing...

Author: Giang Nguyen Thi Thanh

Keyword: CDIO; approach and innovation; Preschool education; improve quality


The current situation of applying innovation management theory in the assessment of student learning outcomes in primary schools in Pho Yen city, Thai Nguyen province

Innovation management theory has been successfully applied in the management and development of many economic and educational organizations. In Vietnam, researchers have been interested in leadership...

Author: Tuấn Lê Anh

Keyword: Change management assessment learning outcomes

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