Design tools to evaluate the topic of friction force in the direction of developing student’s quality and capacities

The article presents modern trends in testing and assessing learning outcomes in the direction of developing the quality and capacity of high school students. The basic signs of difference between...

Author: Cong Nguen Thanh

Keyword: Evaluate; development orientation; friction force topic; high school students.


Improving empirical competence for students in high school in Vietnam

Improving experimental competence for students is an essential mission in general education nowadays, helping students initially establish scientific research capacity and is a part of cognitive...

Author: Pham Thi Huong

Keyword: Experimental competence; experimental exercises; high school students; Vietnam.


Building exercises to develop calculation capacity for the 11th grade students in teaching the topic “Sulfur and sulfur compounds” in high school

Calculation capacity is one of the specific competencies that need to be developed for students, formed mainly in teaching Mathematics and other subjects, including Chemistry. The development of...

Author: Dung Nguyen Xuan, Than Pham Hong, Huyen Phan Thi Minh

Keyword: Calculation capacity; chemistry exercises; Sulfur and sulfur compounds; high school; students.


Building B-learning support materials for teaching Physics with environmental protection education

This article presents the results of research on building learning materials in accordance with the requirements to be achieved of the thematic “Physics with Environmental Protection Education (PEPE)”...

Author: HAI TUONG DUY, Thúy Tran Thanh, Anh Chu Ngoc, Chi Pham Khanh

Keyword: Learning materials B-learning Physics environmental protection education


Education of arts for high school students in Nghe An province through the use of Nghe An folk cultural materials

Art education in high schools plays a crucial role in guiding students towards shaping their careers. Utilizing learning materials from folk culture to teach art education not only enhances the...

Author: Anh Le Vu

Keyword: Art art education learning materials folk culture


Administrators and teachers’ perception about positive discipline education for high school students

In the context of fundamental and comprehensive reform of education and training, in addition to innovating teaching content and teaching methods, changing moral education of students through positive...

Author: Huynh Minh Ngoc

Keyword: Positive discipline positive discipline education educational innovation high school student


Devloping and applying a set of criteria for monitoring experiential and career guidance activities according to the 2018 General Education Program

Research results on organizational management of experiential and career guidance activities in high schools has evidently demonstrated the role of supervising these educational activities. Through...

Author: Thuong Le Thi Hoai

Keyword: Set of criteria; monitor; experiential activities; career guidance.


Building physic educational stories to support teaching thematic “Gravitational field

The research aims to build learning materials to support capacity development teaching for high school students in the thematic “Gravitational field” in Physics 11, following the orientation of The...

Author: HAI TUONG DUY, Anh Tu Phuong, Dương Tran Anh, Diem Quynh Vu Thi

Keyword: Gravitational field physics educational comics Physics 11


Designing multimedia learning resources in teaching writting informational texts for high school students

Designing multimedia learning resources for teaching writing informational texts in the Language of Arts is a new approach to promoting learners' active activeness and creative thinking. In this...

Author: Xuân Quỳnh Nguyễn Thị, Huong Giang Tran Thi, Huyen Nguyen Khanh

Keyword: Multimedia learning resources teaching writing informational texts integrated information technology the General Education Program in the Language of Arts (2018)



The reversible thinking is the way of thinking in two opposite directions, which then support each other to help people perceive and solve problems flexibly and effectively. In this article, we...

Author: Lam Thai Thi Hong

Keyword: Reversible thinking competence; functions and graphs.

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