Improving empirical competence for students in high school in Vietnam

Improving experimental competence for students is an essential mission in general education nowadays, helping students initially establish scientific research capacity and is a part of cognitive...

Author: Pham Thi Huong

Keyword: Experimental competence; experimental exercises; high school students; Vietnam.


Solutions for managing pedagogical capacity training activities for primary school teachers to meet the 2018 General Education Program

To well realize the goal of innovation and improving the quality of education in primary schools, it is necessary to foster and develop teachers' capacity, especially pedagogical capacity. Pedagogical...

Author: Dung Nguyen Tri

Keyword: Training activities pedagogical capacity 2018 General Education Program primary school teachers


Applying of STEM topic in Electronics Practice course using project-based learning method

The trend of educational innovation from a content approach to a competency approach raises the need to innovate teaching methods. For new innovation, learners need guidance and supports in practical...

Author: Vũ Thu Thị Ngọc, Phu Hiếu Thi Ngoc

Keyword: project-based learning STEM content approach competency approach educational innovation


Developing STEM education capacity for primary school teachers to meet the 2018 General Education Program in Ho Chi Minh City

Applying STEM education to primary schools leads to many practical benefits, in line with the trend of general education innovation. The Ministry of Education and Training deployed Official Dispatch...

Author: Phan Hiệp Thái

Keyword: STEM education capacity primary teachers Ho Chi Minh City


Communication affairs in education in schools in Nghe An province

The research was conducted to investigate the current awareness and assessment of teachers and managers about the goals, content, methods and communication measures in education in schools. Through a...

Author: nhung Nguyễn thị phương, Ly Tran Hang

Keyword: Communications education managers teachers schools


Education of arts for high school students in Nghe An province through the use of Nghe An folk cultural materials

Art education in high schools plays a crucial role in guiding students towards shaping their careers. Utilizing learning materials from folk culture to teach art education not only enhances the...

Author: Anh Le Vu

Keyword: Art art education learning materials folk culture


Educational cooperation at the university level between Vietnam and Korea from 1992 to 2023

Vietnam and South Korea officially established diplomatic ties on December 22, 1992. Over the past 30 years, the relationship between the two countries has developed rapidly, with extensive...

Author: Vân Phan Thị Cẩm

Keyword: Educational cooperation university level Vietnam Korea


Solutions to enhance the effectiveness of training program quality improvement activities at Vietnam’s universities

The training program is a key factor that determines the quality of training, and the quality accreditation of training programs has become a “quality culture” in today's higher education...

Author: Nga Dinh Thi, Yen Hoang Phan Hai

Keyword: Quality improvement quality assurance training program University institution


Application of interactive teaching method in programming engineering course for students of the Faculty of Information Technology, University of Information and Communication Technology, Thai Nguyen University

Interactive teaching methods have been receiving attention in application to innovate teaching methods in education and training, especially in training human resources in technical fields. With the...

Author: Quy Duong Thi, Minh Trần Duy Minh Duy

Keyword: Teaching methods interactive teaching applictions programming techniques information technology


Activities of private schools in Centre Annam from 1917 to 1945

Under the French colonial period, in addition to the public school system, the French government has allowed the opening of many private schools to serve political goals and meet the learning needs of...

Author: Thanh Hai Duong Thi, Duong Kim Oanh Thi

Keyword: private school Annam French colonial rule private education

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