Researching and developing a smart lock system applying artificial intelligence

This paper focuses on researching and developing a smart security lock system using artificial intelligence, specifically facial recognition technology combined with the Internet of Things (IoT) to...

Author: Hien Tran Thi, Hang Dao Thi, Phi Pham Van

Keyword: Artificial Intelligence Face Recognition Raspberry Pi Smart Lock Internet of Things


Studying the drug use characteristics and commenting on the results of cerebral infarction treatment at Nghe An General Friendship Hospital Stroke Center in 2023

With the desire to fully understand the use of drugs in the treatment of ischemic stroke to improve treatment effectiveness as well as safety for patients, the article presents the results of research...

Author: Soa Đặng Thị, Hằng Nguyen Thu, Thuy Vu Thi

Keyword: Ischemic stroke cerebrovascular accident thrombolytic therapy.


Comparison of the discourse marker “well” with its equivalents in Gone with the wind and the translation of Cuốn theo chiều gió

Along with the development of pragmatics and discourse analysis, it can be said that there are many approaches to discourse markers. The use of discourse markers in spoken discourse to distinguish it...

Author: Diem Pham Ngoc

Keyword: Discourse markers; linking; function; information; convey.


Improving empirical competence for students in high school in Vietnam

Improving experimental competence for students is an essential mission in general education nowadays, helping students initially establish scientific research capacity and is a part of cognitive...

Author: Pham Thi Huong

Keyword: Experimental competence; experimental exercises; high school students; Vietnam.


Generating random terrains in 3D games by an approximated version of Gaussian process

Creating a 3D terrain or a wave surface takes a lot of time for a graphic artist in the 3D game creation process. This problem poses the following computer requirements: the generated terrain surface...

Author: Vo Van Nhan, Viet-Hung Dang

Keyword: Gaussian process (GP); 3D terrain.


Garbage classification using deep learning technology

Garbage classification has always been an important issue in environmental protection, resource recycling, and social livelihood. However, garbage classification takes a lot of time and effort....

Author: Ngo Huu-Huy, Bui Tung Van, Le Linh Hung, Nguyen Minh Duy

Keyword: Artificial Intelligence; convolutional neural network; deep learning; garbage classification; machine learning.


Integrate deep neural network and support vector machine to improve the quality of voice processing in internet of things devices

Along with the development of science and technology, especially internet of things (IOT), IOT-related products increasingly contribute to improving people’s life. Among those products, it is...

Author: An Nguyễn Năng

Keyword: Deep learning voice recongnition I-vector Internet of Thing.


The digging and dredging of canals in the Southwest of Vietnam during the French colonial period (1867-1945)

Vietnamese society during the French colonial period (1867 - 1945) was marked by the French colonization of three provinces in the western region of Cochinchina, turning this land in particular and...

Author: Huyền Nguyễn

Keyword: Southwest of Vietnam; French colonial period; colonial government digging and dredging canals.


Design tools to evaluate the topic of friction force in the direction of developing student’s quality and capacities

The article presents modern trends in testing and assessing learning outcomes in the direction of developing the quality and capacity of high school students. The basic signs of difference between...

Author: Cong Nguen Thanh

Keyword: Evaluate; development orientation; friction force topic; high school students.


An overview of quantum resistance digital signatures based on hash functions

Facing the challenge of developing quantum computers, quantum-resistant digital signature algorithms have been developed based on hash functions and have received the attention of many scientists....

Author: Do Bac Thi, Khit Bounsaveng

Keyword: Quantum-resistant Digital signature Hash function Information security Cryptography

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