Integrate deep neural network and support vector machine to improve the quality of voice processing in internet of things devices

Along with the development of science and technology, especially internet of things (IOT), IOT-related products increasingly contribute to improving people’s life. Among those products, it is...

Author: An Nguyễn Năng

Keyword: Deep learning voice recongnition I-vector Internet of Thing.


Developing STEM education capacity for primary school teachers to meet the 2018 General Education Program in Ho Chi Minh City

Applying STEM education to primary schools leads to many practical benefits, in line with the trend of general education innovation. The Ministry of Education and Training deployed Official Dispatch...

Author: Phan Hiệp Thái

Keyword: STEM education capacity primary teachers Ho Chi Minh City


Urban migration and its impact on labor workers in Ho Chi Minh City

The article mentions the migration factor associated with the movement of labor in Ho Chi Minh City, specifically the number of workers by urban and rural areas by economic sector and enterprise...

Author: Phúc Đỗ Cao

Keyword: migration urban labor transition Ho Chi Minh City


Reality and solutions for managing conditions and facilities to support clinical internship activities of students majoring in General practitioner in Vinh city, Nghe An

Through theoretical and practical research methods, the author has made a preliminary assessment of the reality of the management of conditions and facilities to support clinical internship activities...

Author: Thanh Hien NGUYEN Thi

Keyword: general practitioner clinical practice efficiency management


Solutions for applying Ho Chi Minh's ethical thought in education and training in revolutionary ethics for party members of Can Tho city

Together with the whole country to promote studying and following Ho Chi Minh's ideology, ethics, and style, in recent times, Cantho City Party Committee has attached importance to education and moral...

Author: Bui Can Thi, Thanh Luong thi hoai, Son Nguyen Thai

Keyword: Ho Chi Minh's moral thought education and training revolutionary ethics party members Cantho city Party Committee


The foundation, development, role of ha Tinh province capital for Ha Tinh province from 1831 to 2019

Along with the establishment of Ha Tinh province in 1831, the space of Ha Tinh provincial capital was gradually formed. Experiencing many historical upheavals, the provincial capital of Ha Tinh...

Author: Nga Nguyen, Nga Mai Thi Thanh

Keyword: Urban town city provincial capital Ha Tinh province


Current status of managing professional capacity development activities for teachers in Ho Chi Minh city primary schools to meet the 2018 General Education Program

Managing professional capacity development activities for primary school teachers is one of the factors to ensure the successful implementation of the 2018 General Education Program. This article...

Author: Phan Hiệp Thái

Keyword: Professional capacity professional capacity development status of management of professional capacity development activities primary school teachers.


The current situation of applying innovation management theory in the assessment of student learning outcomes in primary schools in Pho Yen city, Thai Nguyen province

Innovation management theory has been successfully applied in the management and development of many economic and educational organizations. In Vietnam, researchers have been interested in leadership...

Author: Tuấn Lê Anh

Keyword: Change management assessment learning outcomes


Reality and solutions for managing cooperation skills education for 5-6-year-old children in preschools in Thai Nguyen city, Thai Nguyen province

In preschool activities, children's need for cooperation is extremely strong. In today's era, the knowledge economy along with the scientific and technological revolution and international integration...

Author: Thúy Nguyễn Hồng

Keyword: Management cooperation skills preschool children.



From 1973 to 1980, responding to the call of the government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, the Germany Democratic Republic provided aid for reconstruction, creating fundamental changes in the...

Author: Cuong Le The, Thanh Luong Van

Keyword: AID Germany Democratic Republic Democratic Republic of Vietnam Vinh city 1973-1980.

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