Step 1: Sign up for an account

To register a referee account, verification of information with the Editorial Board is required. You can contact via email: or phone number 0243.936.4963 / 0243.2673.199 (ext 617) for the Editorial Board to actively create a referee account for you.

Step 2: Review articles

After being provided with the referee account, you "Log in" to the system

After logging in, the referee's desk will be displayed

1. Window "Manuscript waiting for review":

A temporary storage of manuscripts, where referees can keep track of the submission date, review deadline, and action for processing. Then click on the action

Referees can view drafts sent by the Editorial Board and "Agree to review" or "Decline to review"

If "Agree to review", the manuscript will be moved to the "Manuscript in review" window.

Here, the referee will know the review time after agreeing to review the article. After the review has been completed, the referee can send the results back to the Editorial Board in the operating window.


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